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hefs Alexandre & Celine Couillon welcomes you to their innovative, sea-inspired Michelin table, La Marine Restaurant and their five modern, elegant ocean front rooms.

Noirmoutier is an French island in the Bay of Biscay. It’s connected to the mainland by the Passage du Gois causeway, accessible only at low tide. This is the setting for one of the most exciting, innovative gastronomic experiences, that is Alexandre & Cecile Couillon.

In Noirmoutier, chefs Céline and Alexandre Couillon have created one of the most remarkable tables in the contemporary culinary scene. La Marine, their three-star Michelin restaurant, is well worth a pilgrimage to what feels like the edge of the world. 

Immerse yourself in the experience by booking one of the five elegant and modern rooms, with the couple’s incredible Michelin dining experience on France’s wild West Coast.



Noirmoutier Island, in the Bay of Biscayne.

To access by land, you must take the unique Passage du Gois, a 4.2 km road “under the sea” which at low tide connects the mainland to the Ile de Noirmoutier. There is just one condition, however: that the tide is low.


  • 5 rooms 
  • Ocean front
  • Michelin Restaurant
  • Intimate, natural setting
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