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rittany is one of the less visited regions of France for our clientele, and this is a shame. If you are looking for outrageous luxury or jetset locations, then indeed, it may be wise to look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for strong French traditions, incredibly beautiful villages, wonderful food and and fascinating historical anecdotes about very colourful characters, then this is a region for you.

The north part of Brittany facing the England and the English Channel is a rugged one.  Here the weather is less clement than on the southern side, but that is also part of its charm.  If you come at the height of summer it rains a lot less.

In the city of Saint Malo, discover where privateers were based to attack and plunder ships (usually British).  We can immerse you into this part of history with a visit of a true privateers house while learning the legend of Robert Surcouf.

Brittany is filled with charming villages listed among the most beautiful of France including: Dinan, Montcontour, Locronan, Saint-Suliac, and Rochefort en Terre. The city of a Rennes offers outstanding farmers market on Saturdays, and is the second biggest market in France.  The maritime histories in Brest, St Malo, and Douarnenez is very intriguing.  And the mysterious Menhirs and Dolmens literally found in their thousands across the region, have beared witness to the Neolithic times where druids performed rituals to mother Earth.

If you associate the legend of King Arthur with England and more precisely, Cornwall, then you can also add Brittany to the story!

The mysterious forest of Brocéliande is an integral part of Arthurian legend.  Here you can find Merlin’s Tomb and the region’s towns and street names are often associated with King Arthur and the quest for the holy grail.

Brittany is also famous for some important additions to the French gourmet catalogue, the most important being the crêpe originating in the 13th century.  You can enjoy an entire meal of crêpes from savoury mains to sweet desserts all washed down with a bowl (not glass!) of local cider. Other local specialities include, Breton Butter Cake Kouign Amann and the typical Far Breton.  And a visit would not be complete without sampling the wonderful seafood found throughout the region.

"Bretagne is such a beautiful part of France overlooked by Americans: I highly recommend Dinard, the Hotel Castelbrac in Dinard, and the private boat tour of the Emerald Coast that Philip and Sarah arranged. They secured one of the best guides we have ever had in our travels!"

Our Recommended Hotels in Brittany

As to be expected with a region “off the beaten track” the choice of hotels in Brittany is smaller than for some more popular regions, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less interesting!  Prior to recommending, our team stays and does repeat visits to ensure the property meets our client’s needs.

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