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he French region of Champagne, also known as Champagne-Ardenne, is a historic and picturesque region located in northeastern France. It is renowned worldwide for its production of the sparkling wine known as Champagne, of course, and we will take you to tastings at the finest Champagne houses and vineyards the region has to offer.

Going along the Marne river, the Marne Valley stretches from Epernay in the east to Montreuil-Aux-Lions in the west. This region, of 8,000 hectares of vines, produces mainly the sparkling wine Champagne "blanc de noirs". Historically, the Marne Valley is the cradle of the creation of Champagne.

We will take you the region's charming villages and key city of Epernay, the ultimate destination for Champagne lovers, as well as, Reims to discover the glories of its architecture to the value of its vintages. Reims is one of northern France's most charming and decadent cities.

"Founder, Philip Haslett, can unlock the Palace of the Popes at night, unlock most doors in Bordeaux, helicopter you in to hike with shepherds in the Pyrenees, or ensconce you in a chic beachside villa whose guest list looks like the Oscars seating chart."

Our Champagne Region Hotel Selections

Discover just a few of our favorite luxury hotels in the French Wine region of Champagne. Our French Promise team routinely visits and inspects each property personally for our discerning clients.

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